Laser Teeth Whitening & Take-Home Trays

White Smile

Bright teeth create a youthful, fresh smile that conveys beauty and vigor for life. Reisman Dental Group offers laser teeth whitening, as well as convenient take-home trays with professional teeth whitening gel.

Our in-office laser teeth whitening procedure can brighten a smile in about an hour. This quick and easy option is a favorite for patients anticipating a special occasion, such as a wedding or speaking engagement. It also works well before a family photo session or for beauty pageant contestants.

Professional at-home teeth whitening kits, when used as directed, can yield the same stunning results as laser teeth whitening, but they require about two weeks. Simply wear your gel-lined trays for a few hours a day, and in one to two weeks, you’ll notice a dramatic difference. Many of our laser patients touch up their smiles with at-home teeth whitening.

How would you look with a brighter smile? More importantly, how would you feel about yourself?

Call to schedule a cosmetic consultation or laser teeth whitening session at Reisman Dental Group. Our office is located at Medical City Dallas, and we serve patients across the DFW metroplex with comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Your smile deserves the best, so reserve your appointment today. Learn more about teeth whitening in Procedures / Treatment Definitions.