We have compiled these common questions and answers for your review. You can also learn more about our procedures and technology, as well as many dental conditions, on our Procedure / Treatment Definitions page.

Avoid chewing on the area, and call for an appointment immediately.

Pain upon release of biting pressure is a strong indication of a cracked tooth. A crown can prevent the crack from extending deeper into the tooth, which could require a root canal to save the tooth or in extreme cases, tooth removal. Call Reisman Dental Group to make an appointment with Dr. Reisman. We will evaluate your condition and suggest a solution.

Bite on a piece of moist, rolled gauze site for 30 minutes. If bleeding continues, try biting on a moist tea bag until bleeding stops. If you are taking aspirin, stop for one or two days because aspirin is a blood thinner. If heavy bleeding persists for more than 24 hours, call our office.

A metallic taste in your mouth usually means a leaking silver filling. You may want to schedule an examination at Reisman Dental Group to evaluate your old fillings.

Swelling associated with a painful tooth can indicate an abscess. Place an ice bag on the swollen area and take two or three Ibuprofen (Advil – adults only) tablets to decrease the pain and swelling. Avoid chewing with the affected area; rest, drink plenty of fluids, and call Reisman Dental Group for an appointment.

You may need to call Reisman Dental Group to schedule a bite adjustment. Continuing to eat with an ill-fitting bite can cause tooth sensitivity (cold or pressure) or pain.

Many things can cause cold sensitivity in teeth: gum recession, recent fillings, trauma to the tooth (biting down on hard or crunchy food), bleaching, etc. Cold sensitivity can be temporary. If it persists for more than two or three weeks, call Reisman Dental Group for an appointment, and avoid very cold liquids and food.

  • Check to see if it is broken or cracked. If so, you may need to call Reisman Dental Group to have a new temporary made.
  • If intact, clean off the cement, place Vaseline inside, and replace the temporary restoration on your tooth. If it does not fit, rotate it one-quarter turn until it seats securely. You may find temporary cement in the dental aisle of your grocery store or pharmacy.
  • Do not eat or put pressure on an un-cemented temporary crown.